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I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put on this moderately unflattering ensemble, but it sure was comfortable. I wore this to take my first final of spring semester from 7 - 10 PM (seriously, Berkeley, talk about scheduling fail) in the rain. I don't think I've worn remotely baggy pants (I don't count my misunderstood harem/hammer pants as pants) since I was 10, when my jeans came from Hong Kong and some kid in my class who could only breathe out of one nostril made fun of the Winnie the Pooh decal on the leg and THAT WAS WHEN IT HIT ME: I should probably think about what I was wearing.

Anyway, I feel like a private investigator from the 1940s. But female. And kinda frumpy, not tall-mysterious-serious-sexy. Oh well. ACED THE FINAL.

Trench: FoxRun, mother's. Thermal: department store. Blouse: French Toast uniforms. Belt: GAP, brother's. Pants: one of my uncles'. Boots: Hunter.
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