Dear 2.5 readers,

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

am currently taking two notoriously difficult courses for summer school aka I WILL HAVE NO LIFE AND MAYBE NO OUTFITS (?) FOR THE NEXT EIGHT WEEKS.

But I do have a giveaway for you, coming up in a few days.

I try not to apologize for not blogging, because it's really supposed to be something for me, but this is not just an announcement. This is definitely an apology. I am sorry, 2.5 readers.

(Although this high-school-esque level of mental busyness means I'm thinking of adopting a uniform for the summer, which is definitely sartorially interesting...)

Anyway, I have a couple more scheduled posts, but after those, you can catch me on tumblr or twitter if you feel so compelled.

If I don't drop my summer classes... see you on the other side.
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