Things I Love: May 2010

I spent May all a-flustered because the Universe passed me a note that said it had a fatty crush on me and proceeded to woo me with the following:
  • clean underwear (when this starts to show up on your list of things you love, you might want to reevaluate your showering habits, just FYI)
  • giant bobby pins
  • Shanghainese spicy beef noodle soup
  • my fambily, with a homorganic stop
  • Stephanie, if only because her dorm looks like a summer camp
  • warm weather
  • reduplication, because it cracks me up (ragogo-go-go!)
  • the paperclip that I used to turn my bra into a makeshift racerback
  • Justin Bieber (WHAT? I can't get "Baby" out of my head.)
  • scrawny French men who look good in shorts and who know that shorts should hit just above the knee (thank you! thank you!)
  • Glee for the best episode YET!
Fuck yeah Finn! I'm changing teams. No more Mr. Schue. Caps from here.
  • the internet connection at my apartment
  • discovering that Google Chrome finally got a StumbleUpon extension
  • oranges
  • power naps, excessive protein consumption, lots of water, trashy pop music, and all my other pre-final rituals
  • when you go get printer paper and grab exactly the right number of sheets
  • pin curls
  • Sunshiiiiiiiine
  • being grubby
  • this playlist on CollegeFashion
  • that Greyson kid
  • those girls singing the national anthem
  • showers (like most things, you don't appreciate them that much until you haven't had one in a while)
  • my apartment and apartmentmates, Kim, Minnie, and Vivian
  • Persian food @ Alborz ("Looking for a place close to UCB where the entire waitstaff looks like they have a hint of organized crime about them?")
  • After the Ecstasy, the Laundry because reading it was a series of repeated "Oh, is that what you call it?", probably because I have never read about Buddhism before
  • that even though I left my cell phone at my apartment, my mother managed to pick me up at the right place at the right time (thank you pay phones that I forgot existed!)
  • Victoria, Connie, Jess, Jessie (who is officially required reading), TK, & Shelby
  • MY SNOW PEAS! All two of them:
  • Burberry London
  • hot tea first thing in the morning
  • Daniel
  • waking up before my alarm
  • my mom
  • extremely messy mushroom burgers
  • Tony!!!
  • this, which still looks foreign to me:
  • when dishes are only deceptively dirty and are actually easy to wash
  • that moment when you seize on the exact right idea and then find the words for it
  • Denny & Spencer
  • getting the study bug
  • estate sales & Goodwill
  • a slough of compliments from strangers
  • Kyo's mom :)
  • my brother my brother my brother
  • my littlest cousin Carissa
  • this picture of Gordon:
  • the insanely attractive sales assistant at Nordstrom with geek glasses, a nose piercing, and the slimmest cut suit ever ever ever
  • hand-washing my laundry
  • the fact that I went to bed with 3 emails in my inbox, having finally cleared it out, and woke up to 17
  • My Fair Lady, even if Audrey Hepburn's accent is atrocious and I think she achieved the linguistically impossible, and even if the teacher-student dynamic confused me... because of costumes!
  • my mother for suggesting we look at Sears for ugly-awesome skirts (and for finding them, even if they were out of my $10 price range)
  • that Lincoln is not dead
  • this bruise on my arm from where my cousin closed the car door on it, because it reminds me that I am alive
  • that yes, I can complete a double major without exceeding the unit cap, should I choose to
  • HOT POT!
  • Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln this should be in ticker tape
  • bomber jackets
  • breaking a sweat
  • really spicy curry (not related to breaking a sweat)
  • Monkey Island! (The first one. "How appropriate, you fight like a cow.")
  • A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by David Eggers, because that is some good shit. And reading it, seeing myself, recognizing myself, and acknowledging it instead of lamenting it or pitying it - that is priceless.
  • sewing my lace shirt, even if the sleeves are crooked and the hems are messy
  • learning how to use my grandma's industrial/commercial sewing machines
  • David, who is deeply amusing, very generous, and not perfect. Also, his name is of the epic Biblical variety (my favorite!) so he gets bonus points.
  • that moment of letting your breath go when you realize your headache is going to be manageable
  • that my copy of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs arrived, because now I get to go around saying "sick-pee"
  • cleaning out my drawers and finding this, which I think summarizes pretty well what I was like as a kid:
Actually the container was wrapped in construction paper because Little Sam must've known it would explode in glitter when opened (which it did). I think I put the beads and things inside with a pile of glitter and shook it in the hopes that everything would be evenly coated. Like when you bread chicken before you deep fry it, or whatever.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because I grew up with these characters and this story
  • the ability to see, because these men are beautiful:
HEE HEE. JGL's hair is awful. Marry me?

I don't know what's going on in the background of this picture, but I'll bet you a dollar it's not important.

There are probably about six hundred twenty-two reasons this picture should not be attractive, but I'm too distracted by Brad Pitt's perfect jawline and the exact right amount of exposed neck to think of them.

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