An evening with Lea Salonga

Pic took frm Star online

This is a very outdate entry. Anyway I went to Lea Salonga's performance last mth on 22nd May @ Plenary Hall, KL convention centre.

Lea Salonga is a philipino, and won many awards on her singing and stage performance. I have been istened to her songs when i was during my college years, love her angelic voice when she do the numbers from well-known Broadway musicals such as Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, and her famous 2 Disney song...Reflection and A Whole New World.

That evening, Lea Salonga sang most of my favorite songs which i secretly hoped she would sing during her show! She was dressed in black and backed by a 5 piece band, including her brother Gerard, the pianist also conductor for the night.

The list of songs she sang:
  • I’ve Never Been In Love Before
  • I Dreamed A Dream (Musical:Les Miserables)
  • I Do (This brought tears to my eyes, a perfect wedding/love song)
  • Gone Too Soon (tribute to the Late King of Pop)
  • I’d Give My Life For You (Musical: Les Miserables)
  • Someone To Watch Over Me
  • Taylor The Latte Boy
  • Poker Face (Yes, Lady Gaga's song, but she started the song in a ballad style, which I find the song is so familiar until she sang to the middle part only then she started the actual Gaga's version).
  • On My Own (Musical:Les Miserables)
  • A Whole New World (If u havent know about this..she was the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in the Disney animated feature Aladdin)
  • Reflection ( She sang the original version which is the longer version, the one we hear on radio is the shorter version.)
  • Hananapin kor (Philipine song)
  • Tiga Malam (A song made famous by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Lea dedicated to Pak Lah's late wife)
  • No Boundaries (Lea is a fan of American Idol, she sang this frm American Idol's last yr's finale)
  • Everybody Says Don’t
  • Tomorrow (Musical: Annie)

She suppose to end nite with the song Tiga Malam, but we gave her a thunderous applause and standing ovation. Lea is so generous she sang No Boundaries, then we give another non-stop applause and she sang the last 2 songs. The show ended with an Award ceremony, not sure i got the award name right, think is a South Pacific award, if am not mistaken.

Her concert was fabulous, she sang every note crystal clear, magically, flawless and effortlessly! Her vibrato displayed more in her concert compared to her recordings. Her versatile voice can sing soft and sweet songs as well as solid and powerful ones too. I am so glad I came for her concert and wish to see her in future concerts.

Tried to take pic of her during her autograph session, I standby with my camera hoping she will turn n look my side..and she did! :)
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