I love the 90s

If my camera batteries hadn't snuffed out immediately after this single photo was taken, it would have been more apparent that I look like a hooker from the 90s. (Or maybe it's wishful thinking.)

No, it's definitely wishful thinking. I just sort of look like a mess. The point is I felt like a 90s hooker. Now if my boots had a platform and stiletto heel, and my leggings were fishnets, and I weren't wearing glasses and had big hair and smudgy red lipstick and a scrawny cigarette-smoking boy with an aversion to wearing shirts hanging on my arm, it might've worked.

...So basically only the little floral dress and oversized outerwear might qualify as 90s hooker attire.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at bringing back the 90s. Expect more this fall! (I mean 90s grunge, not 90s minimalism. I'm not very good at minimalistic dressing, if you couldn't already tell. Minimalistic anything, actually. On that note, is there any way to wear black lipstick and still be taken seriously in a classroom? Dilemma...)
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