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I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge these things growing out of my scalp that I have put through so much crap these past two years. You're doing real good, kids. (That'll do, pig hair, that'll do.) I've decided that very short hair is not my thing, at least not for my early 20s (holy follicles, Batman, those are coming up soon), but long hair pulled off my face definitely is.

I'm still undecided on bangs of any kind, and I'm not sure if I like the idea of curling my hair on a regular basis, though I like the effect. And while I'm as attached to my virgin hair as I am to not having any pieces of metal passing through my flesh, I'm swooning over these:

Above, from the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010 RTW show, via Curls! Volume! So old-school glamorous! So in rebellion with my natural hair texture!

Above, from Orchid Grey. "Big hair, small wallet" indeed. Again, in total contradiction with my natural hair texture!

Above, from Flying Saucer. UGH. SO MUCH HAIR ENVY. I have wanted Selina hair for as long as I've been aware her blog existed. Even though her hair routine seems like too much effort for me (as someone who once tried to cut my hair-washing down to once a week to save drying time), I think it's definitely something I want to be an option when I have time, which is just not possible with short hair.

Above, Frida Gustavsson from The Fashion Spot. Big hair! Texture! The schoolgirl-esque cross-tie and white button-down don't hurt either.

Above, Kristen Stewart. That lazy texture! Unf! Seriously, I have so much hair envy for this girl, even if all her critics make fun of how rarely she and RPattz wash their hair. I think now would be an appropriate time to quote Sarah Rees Brennan.

SNAPE: I don't want to carry out your plans anymore! And I find your interest in the students' love lives truly inappropriate!

DUMBLEDORE: Severus! Don't you know this is a critical period in their lives - if you don't find mutual true love by the time you're seventeen, you'll end up bitter and alone, weeping over your shattered dreams, only washing your hair on the anniversary of their deaths...

SNAPE: ...

DUMBLEDORE: Oh, right.

Above, another KStew. Girl has amazing hair.

Above, from Altamira. First of all, I love me some Frida Gustavsson and Karlie Kloss. Second of all, OH GOD, THEIR PERFECT HAIR. Karlie's is so very flawlessly "Oh, I washed my hair and it dried like this, naturally, AS THE EMBODIMENT OF CAREFREE PERFECTION," and Frida's has this whack, perfect combination of volume and texture going on. Plus I really like Frida's outfit.

Above, Raquel Zimmerman via dress design decor. Pretty sure my hair cannot be coaxed to look this voluminous without an entire can of hairspray, Lady Gaga's Coke-can curlers, and an anti-gravity device.

Above, Karla. Because even though I'm not trying for short hair now, she has epic short hair that deserves all those cliché fashion adjectives like CHIC and FIERCE and FEARLESS.

Above and below, Karen Elson via Fashion Gone Rogue. Featuring the "strong intelligent female protagonist who doesn't need a man" CURLY-WAVY RED hair I will never ever achieve without looking awkward.

Above and below, Frida Gustavsson yet again, at Christian Dior, via The Fashion Spot. I know, I know. There was probably a lot of really damaging backcombing and teasing that went on here to achieve that amount of frizz, but the total eccentric I-don't-give-a-fuck that this crazy messy hair and lone fishtail braid give off are, for some reason, really appealing to me right now.

Above, one more Frida for good luck.

Above, speaking of braids, this one's from Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland originally from JAK & JIL. It is KILLING me, even though (and maybe especially because) a braid that tight against the scalp seems really painful and a little bit sci-fi creature.

Above, from kari-shma. The only hair in this post that I can achieve with my natural hair texture and no products.


While the rest of the blogosphere was feeling the pastel streaks, I guess what I was really getting hooked on was peacock hair.

All right. That is all.

I still love you, hair. I promise. You are my one and only.
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