giveaway: we have a winner!

HAHA! I never thought this would happen, but the winner of the $60 gift certificate to CSN Stores is... CHING-CHING with the very first comment.

She is thankful for... "Jocelyn Fong, my temp roommate because she cooks me delicious food and desserts and deals with my slowness."

And she loves... "My canvas grey booties that go with everything from my high-waisted jeans to legging to dresses and skirts. They have that nice tump tump sound that makes you feel all important with a little height but still is comfy. No doubt they've endured two years of scraping pavement, getting stuck in trees, resting on office carpet floors and accidentally getting wet in the Bay Area rain. Still in awesome shape! I really want this giveaway thing. My shoes do too. (Do I get bonus points as first comment?)" I think you do, Ching. I'm going to email you in five minutes.

Thanks to everyone for entering and to CSN for hosting this! It was SUPER HEARTWARMING to read all of your entries!

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