Fantastic Shimmer Brick

Sue Moxley Famous Shimmer Brick in Pink

Every time I see a new brand of cosmetics when I’m out shopping I feel obliged to try a product or two… I mean who knows what I’ll come across; there could be some undiscovered gems! I’ve recently got some bits n pieces from the Sue Moxley range at Superdrug and so far I’ve been seriously impressed. My new favourite face product is this little shimmer brick which has 5 stripes of stunningly beautiful colours that give a really subtle pretty glow to the face
I think the top colour makes a great highlight shade and the brown in the centre looks great as an eyeshadow for a simple day time look. As far as I’m concerned a little shimmer brick like this that can be used on eyes and cheeks for only £6.50 is a must-have for summer

At first glance it looks extremely similar to my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (I use Pink Quartz) which cost me about 30 quid, but I haven't compared them side by side yet :)
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