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Good evening all and happy bank holiday weekend! Hope you get Monday off work too. Tuesday is my RDO which means I have a 4 day weekend and that has got to be one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language. In face it's so good I feel the need to say it again... 4 day weekend... Le sigh :)

I haven’t got the chance to blog much recently cos I’ve been redecorating the living room; I’d expected it to be all laid back and straightforward as I was just re-painting and getting some new furniture but it was actually a lot of hard work and expense… On the plus side it looks a million times better and I get to lie on the sofa all day tomorrow enjoying the end result of my hard work (Hurrah!)

Oh oh oh! I also wanted to mention the hand creams that have been my saviours over the last week or so. My hands have been in pretty bad shape thanks to sticking them in buckets of boiling hot water to clean everything and then literally washing them in white spirits to get rid of the paint specks that I was pretty much covered in…
I’ve been using lots of Hand Food by Soap & Glory throughout the day cos it’s non-greasy and really quickly absorbed. Sometimes my hands are so dry I feel like they’d actually soak up baby oil if I dipped them in it but this stuff sorts them out in no time. The smell is beyond scrumptious and one bottle will last me months!
Then at night I’ve coating my hands in Protect & Perfect hand cream by No7; this is the kind of cream I like to put on at night under little cotton gloves because the next morning my hands feel seriously soft and silky… This cream is extremely rich and definitely isn’t as easily absorbed (or as delicious smelling) as Hand Food so although I like it I generally use it when I know I wont have to do much with my hands

On that note I’m off to soak in the bath for a while
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