Things I Love: April 2011

April's Things I Love is a little on the light side... because it's mostly made up of my newfound love for Doctor Who. But don't you fret, my non-Who children! May's Things I Love will be with us soon, and it - wait, no, it's full of Doctor Who too.

Well anyway. The Doctor says that "The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things... The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant."

And April definitely added to my pile of good things. Here is a list of good things:
  • feeling the tides a-changing
  • my mother
  • the smell of the cemetery
  • my grandmother
  • lipstick mixed with clear gloss in the palm of my hand (perfect consistency! perfect coverage/sheerness!)
  • breakfast for dinner
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? clips
  • a rewatch of Tangled (I have so much love for "When Will My Life Begin?" and both of its reprises!)


  • Script Frenzy because even though I never did make it to 100 pages in April, I did write around 18 pages of new script, and how's that for a creativity/productivity jump-start?
  • Robin's tumblr
  • that awkward moment when you have your GSI's number on your phone because your friend went to go pick up your midterm for you but you need to prove that you consent to having your friend pick up your midterm for you and your mind helpfully supplies the lyrics "NO ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT POWER" while you text your student ID number and you feel the hysterical need to explain all your life choices to your GSI after the friend in question tells your GSI "I was her TA" and your GSI looks surprised and responds with "I thought you were dating" and textual miscommunication ensues so that when you are forced to go to pick up your midterm yourself, the only thing you manage to stutter out by way of explanation is "Maybe I should have used a lot of smileys"
  • Pluto's salad with tri-tip steak
  • high-speed internet at home
  • Catfish because Nev Schulman is beautiful
  • emailing Liana, who is a quality human being
  • Steven, Bobby, and Josh
  • Gossip Girl - all 2 episodes that I could get through, for Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Dan Humphrey, the only character I could get invested in for more than five minutes
  • the smell of wet concrete
  • the lady who gave us her all-day parking pass
  • Morgane, whose self-proclaimed spirit animal is Allie Brosh's simple dog, for being half of the not-herpingest derpingest partnership in our class with our Zoolander fan site, and for trolling IRL with me
  • About A Boy for Hugh Grant, young!Nicholas Hoult, and the fact that I went into this expecting a chick flick and instead got a fun little movie about un-fun things

I am a sucker for Hugh Grant - it doesn't matter how bad the movie is (I NEED INSPIRATION, NOT JUST ANOTHER NEGO-TI-A-TIONNNN) - but even the audio of the opening scene is good. (Or I'm a sucker for Hugh Grant's voice YOU GUYS HE WAS 42 WHEN ABOUT A BOY CAME OUT SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.)
  • paying attention to what makes me sad and what makes me happy
  • a photo sesh with Diane
  • the way dew sparkles on grass when sunlight hits it
  • "I Just Had Sex"
  • standing up for myself
  • Saturday morning garage and estate sale-ing
  • sobbing into my mother's arms
  • Bella :)
  • Sleepless in Seattle, which I only decided to watch because Jesse Eisenberg said he likes it in his interview with Seventeen, although knowing Jesse Eisenberg, he could well have been trolling because it was sort of a waste of a question... anyway, it was all right. It made me thankful that I don't watch "chick flicks" more often... COME AT ME, BRO
  • greasy eggplant
  • having charcoal and grape seed oil slathered on my tongue and then having the roof of my mouth photographed (GROSS!)
  • cancelled discussion sections!
  • the freshly-squeezed orange juice and mushroom burgers at Bongo Burger
  • settling my housing and academic plans for fall
  • my 111th follower because I just really like saying eleventy-one, okay?
  • black tea
  • The Virgin Suicides, which, now that I've finally seen it, makes me feel like a legit fashion blogger. (Ha. Right.) My immediate thought about the aesthetic feel was actually that the color washes reminded me of The King's Speech, but more feminine and soft and fluttery and delicate. It was nice to look at (and very 1970s, yeah?), but honestly this film had no emotional impact on me because I wasn't interested in the characters or the plot. Whoops.
Pathetic Aside: When I was ten or eleven, I found a Livejournal icon of the above scene and used it as my forum avatar for the next couple of years without knowing where it was from or noticing that Cecilia's wrists are wrapped in bandages or gauze or whatever.

  • letting my imagination run wild
  • snacking like a monster
  • my grandmother
  • Doctor Who because OMG OMG OMG WHERE HAS THIS SHOW BEEN ALL MY LIFE. AMELIA FUCKING POND. & THE DOCTOR. & MATT SMITH, KAREN GILLAN, Rory Williams, "bow ties are cool," the idea that love is what separates human from non-human because it meshes with my Harry Potter understanding of the world, suspenders, Matt Smith's stupid ridiculous fabulous hair, MATT FUCKING TALL PASTY AND HANDSOME "LIKE A YOUNG MAN BUILT BY OLD MEN FROM MEMORY" SMITH. I blame Eleven for why I watched almost no movies in April, and I will save the Who!spam for the end of this post.
  • one-woman dance parties
  • Spenser
  • Glee for the episode entitled "Born This Way" because it reminded me why I fell in love with the show in the first place (someday I will find the willpower to continue watching, but today is not that day... not when there are episodes of Doctor Who with David Tennant to be watched)

I actually really like this "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mashup in context, even though I found it blasphemous that Glee was having Quinn/Rachel cover TLC at all.

Darren Criss

(That's a sufficient caption, right? I thought this was borderline perfect, although I may be biased because the "Night of Neglect" episode from the week before was so atrocious. It also helps that this song makes me achingly nostalgic the way Maroon5's "She Will Be Loved" does.)

OH KURT YOU WONDERFUL BEAST, +I think this is the way "Born This Way" is meant to be sung, by a group of people flying their freak flags.
  • CORALista so much!
  • TK
  • patching my holey socks with old socks (SO META!)
  • the Fringe pilot, which was disgusting, riveting, and thankfully not enough of a hook to get me to start a new TV show
  • hot soybean milk
What follows is my You Never Forget Your First (Doctor (Especially If That Doctor Is Eleven, Although Since I Am Writing This In May And Am Working On Tennant-Era Who, I Must Admit That If Your First Doctor Was Ten, It Would Be Pretty Hard To Forget David Foxy-As-FFFUUUU Tennant, But In Any Case The Doctor Is My Doctor And Right Now Let's Focus On The Intergalactic Proportions Of Matt Smith's Legs)) media!spam:


To be fair, Karen Gillan has legs of intergalactic proportions too. (Oh, I see what you did there, Sam. Clever clever.)

Karen Gillan's very round face is simultaneously adorable and sexy, which is a very dangerous combination for someone who has a weakness for redheads.

I don't care if this photo is overedited. Karen's face is priceless.


Okay, I had to include this one because River Song is a badass and Arthur Darvill + glasses = swag of the century.

RORY: (leaving a message on AMY's phone) Hey! It’s me. Hello! How are you? Um, the reason for this call is because I haven’t told you for seven hours that I love you, which is a scandal! An even if we weren’t getting married tomorrow I’d ask you to marry me anyway. Yes I would! Because you are smashing.

Actually, a Weeping Angel isn't a Looker like Matt Smith or Karen Gillan (or Arthur Darvill), but it's something I definitely recommend you look at... and look at... and whatever you do, don't blink.

Matt Fabulous Hair Fabulous Socks And Fabulous Shoes Smith

The Doctor is in an unfinished ugly sweater. Your argument is invalid. (Actually, it's a pretty awesome sweater, and not just because Matt Smith is inside it.)


Matt I Cause Sex Riots Smith

Basically, my misguided ovaries

have a crush on a 907-year-old alien, but instead of shipping him with one of his brilliant and beautiful companions, I ship him with a blue box.

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