*New* SK-II Skincare Ritual ~ Facial & Eye Mask

100% Authentic & brand new SK-II Skincare. Pamper your skin with this luxurious skincare at affordable price.

An intensive moisture-boosting mask which gives you 10 times Pitera®, to help restore skin renewal to its normal 28-day cycle. Deeply hydrates your skin, just like a facial, leaving skin noticeably more radiant, soft and crystal clear.

Place mask onto eye area first, then carefully spread it to the rest of face using fingertips. Make sure mask fits well onto skin, then relax. Remove mask after 10-15 minutes.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
Retail Price : RM259.00/6pcs (RM43.17/pc)
Our Offer Price : RM35.00/1pc
Buy 2pcs @RM65.00

Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask contains DMT Blocker, an advanced complex containing Pitera®, Vitamin C derivative and Niacinamide; Inositol, a skin conditioning agent. SK-II's unique stretchable mask is designed to hold the maximum amount of juice and to deliver it effectively to the skin. The action of stretching the mask activates its multiple layers, creating a delivery system that continuously drives the juice deep into the epidermis. The pressure of the mask against the skin also helps to enhance delivery of the whitening actives.

Place the top portion of the mask on the forehead so that it completely covers the forehead area and fits closely around the contours of your brow bone. Place the bottom portion of the mask on the chin and stretch it to just in front of the ear area. For a better fit, spread the mask under the eye area and pull it up at the slits of the mask. Gently pat the entire face with the palm of your hands. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before removing it gently.

SK-II Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask
Retail Price : RM297.00/6pcs (RM49.50/pc)
Our Offer Price : RM38.00/1pc
Buy 2pcs @RM70.00

This new mask leads to a noticeably lifted and contoured look and with a new 3D stretch design it has been created to closely fit the face to activate key facial points with an immediate appearance lifting effect. In the moment of mask removal you can feel the difference, with continuous use of 2 masks per week, it leads to visibly firmer and smoother skin with radiance from within skin's surface.

Place upper mask on forehead and lower mask on chin. Stretch to side of ear area. Press firmly by spreading under eyes. Gently pad the entire face with palm. Leave for 5-10 minutes.

SK-II Signature 3D Redefining Mask
Retail Price : RM426.00/6pcs (RM71.00/pc)
Our Price : RM45.00/1pc
Buy 2pcs @RM85.00

Anti-Ageing Reviving Eye Mask. Smoothes fine lines. Hydrates deeply. Revives eye area. A soft cotton mask, drenched in moisturisers enhanced with Pitera and an exclusive Cell Treatment Complex including a combination of vitamins B3, E and Pro-Vitamin B5, specifically designed to help reduce the look of fine lines around the eye.

Place mask with the film-cover side up, the broader end meeting the outer corner of the eye. Remove film. Leave mask on for approximately 10 minutes.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask
Retail Price : RM262.00/box
Our Price : RM25.00/1pc (1 pair)
Buy 2pcs @RM40.00
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