Impulse and Barry M lip gloss for £3

I reckon there are few things as awesome as Barry M lip glosses but I bought something yesterday that tops them hands down… bottles of Impulse body spray that come with limited edition Barry M lip glosses for a bargaintastic 3 quid!!

There are 3 different scents that come with 3 different lip gloss shades and they are all extremely wearable. There’s a pink, nude and sparkly lip gloss but I figured I may as well get them all, you know, just in case :)
I havent actually worn Impulse since I was at school and it still seems like the female equivalent of Lynx but I’m looking forward to giving them a try
They seem to have sold out of the “Tease” version in a lot of stores already (not to mention online) but I guess we all love a bargain so it’s not a big surprise
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