variations on a trench coat: i was perfect

This is a pretty boring outfit, so I started taking my clothes off in the hopes that it would get more interesting.

Trench coat: FoxRun, mother's. Gray sweatshirt: Target. Brown top: Apt 9 via Kohl's. Blue and white polka dotted pleated skirt: courtesy of Christine. Green leggings: American Apparel, courtesy of Christine. Rain boots: Hunter via Zappos.

It didn't really, but I did get an awkward between-poses photo that made me look like I was flapping my wings, which is why I call this variation on a trench coat...

Variation VII: I'M THE SWAN QUEEN!!!

Clearly the animation skills I acquired when learning how to make blinkies ~2004 are not adequate for my current GIF-making ambitions.

(Revisiting 2004: AHHHHHH YOU GUYS THESE ARE FROM WHEN I WAS ON GEOCITIES! I can't decide if these are awesome or awful. Probably both.

I don't know why, but I became obsessed with the phrase "My heart belongs to a secret agent" for a while.

And the phrase "decidedly pretty."

OKAY THIS IS ACTUALLY ADORABLE. I love me for loving Harry Potter.

This post has enhanced your life.)
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