Bath -Time Story

This is an intimate post about my bath time story from the past till now!
I have dig into my memory to find them and some leaves me fond memories. :))

Let's start with when I was a baby. My mom like to bath me in Johnson & Johnson shampoo or Pureen shampoo, both I love it so much! Love the foamy stuff and yellow ducky as companion during bath time! There is a song relate to this perfectly well which is also my favourite from Sesame Street 'Rubber Duckie'. Never heard of it?? Click video below to listen.

When I was no longer a baby, shower time seem a little boring when using soaps. At that time, there are not many brands of soap compare to now. I either switch from Lux or Dove or May, oh and perhaps Follow Me.

When I was in high school and college years, Body Shop was just arrived at our shore. I got the chance to try on something new other than soap. Body Shop usually has fruity flavour in their body shampoo. Love the mango scent flavour!

From then on, my love for body shampoo grows. During my university years in London, I was a loyal fan of Marks & Spencer's Rose body shampoo, oh I also like their peach and almond flavour! Smells so heavenlyyyy.....

Another favourite of M&S's Peach and Almond flavour!

Another alternative besides M&S, I will choose to get Bliss from Boots pharmacy. Smells like sea and mineral...very refreshing!

After returning home, Shokubutsu is one of my longest shower companion. On and off I will go use this, unless am busy using or trying out other body shampoo or soaps. :P Orange peel sensation is always my favourite! One reason why I always like Shokubutsu because it has 100% plant based foam formula, non-existent of Sodium Laureth Sulfate in it. Therefore it is safe to use for a long time.

While trying to remember all the soaps or body shampoo I've used in the past. Suddenly, this pop up from my memory. L'occitane Verbena soap!! Where has this disappeared??!! I remembered clearly someone give to my Mr. as a gift, and he past it to me then. I cant remembered where I have put it! Blarghh...This is makin' me sad. :((

I guess I was bored with body shampoo then. I started to restock some soaps back into my bathroom. Rice-day soap made famous by a Taiwan beauty talk show, then I started to sell these lovely scented soaps in my blog. I love the rice soap flavour the most, it has brightening purpose.

My next favourite soap was Crabtree & Evelyn - Rosewater soap with Cold Cream.

Next on the list was Acca Kappa Rose soap. Personally I prefer this more than Crabtree, because of the scent is more lasting, and smells sweeter. But the price is much dearer, Acca Kappa soap is abt RM40!! Very very Expensive!! By now, you can tell I love rose scent alot when comes to shower time! ;))

Another much Love item during my wedding month! My all-time-classic-adorable-precious fragrance - Vera Wang!! Vera Wang by Vera Wang shower cream is awesome! It carries a scent of feminity and romantic in the air.

Fragrance Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Calla Lily, Mandarin Flower, Gardenia, Lotus, Iris, White Stephanotis.

My honeymoon time - soaked in bathtub with this sweet little L'occitane Cherry Blossom bath pebble bought from Miu.
After that, what's next?
Burt's Bees open its outlet in Malaysia!
Am hooked when I shower in Fabulousy Fresh body wash! It has peppermint and Rosemary scent, very refreshing! For me, a good body shampoo should give a little boost to unwind a tired day after work. Bath time suppose to be the cheapest way to relax and unwind at home daily basis, unless you got the bucks to spend them on spa.

Once I get my hands on body shampoo consist of essential oil. Now am totally spoiled.
I guess I cant live without that. They work wonders on your skin, lazy people like me actually lazy to butter my skin with body lotion. So, body shampoo with essential oil still makes your skin smooth and moisturized!!

My latest haul - L'occitane Almond Shower Oil set (RM120).
250ml L'occitane almond shower oil
75ml L'occitane almond shower oil
50ml Delicious paste (almond body scrub)

I was so lucky to be able to grab the last set from Isetan Lot 10. This set is very worth to buy, as i know L'occitane seldom have promotion price as good as this when comes to their best-seller product. Rose scent and almond scent are both my favourite!

Now...what's your bath-time story?? Share with me!
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