I ordered from alloy for the first time a few weeks ago, because I felt the need to materially reward myself for finishing summer school without giving up. (Plus, it was well-priced and I wanted shorts.) I expected, you know, about the same as I expect from delia's, but sadly enough I think the quality's even worse. For example.

I spent at least twenty minutes hand-washing the above shorts before the water stopped running bright blue with dye. And then the fabric on one of the fabric-covered buttons ripped off completely.

As for this skirt, I haven't worn it yet, but the material is just really shitty. I guess I shouldn't have expected it to be lined, either.

These shorts are fine, except for the fact that the button on the fly fell off after about an hour, and that I can hear the fabric crunching every time I sit down.

I mean, I guess I don't really fall under the target demographic for these tween-teen catalog-based shopping sites anymore, but I am pretty disappointed.

Or maybe it's just that I never buy warm-weather clothes and don't know what good summery materials should feel/look/sound like.
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