Kuriya Japanese Restaurant

I was at Bangsar Shopping Centre last weekend. It was dinner time, searching high and low for food. Wanted to dine in Chili's, but the waiting list was so long! At last, Me and Mr picked Kuriya to ease our hungry stomach. Kuriya was hidden at a corner of BSC, located between Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant and 21 Tables and Terrace on the 3rd floor. Kuriya is one of the leading Japanese chain restaurant in Singapore. Kuriya means 'kitchen' in Japanese. I like the dark interior and ambiance of Kuriya, compliments with the fine dining concept.

We decided to order their special dinner set which is the Double Bento Set RM78++

Starter: Salmon salad
Well presented and looking appetizing. Salmon is very fresh, and the tomatoes gives a tender sweetness in the salmon. The thickness of the salmon cut is not too thick and not too thin.

Kani Chawanmushi
I love the design of the cup which holds the Chawanmushi. At first glance, we thought the Chawanmushi was some kind of crab or shark fin's soup. But when you dig your spoon in it, smooth egg custard underneath and topped it with snow crab and tantalising sauce. For once, we saw and tasted an interesting Chawanmushi. :)

The Double Bento set comes with two bentos, Tempura Mori & Stewed Vegetables, and Sushi Mori. The assorted tempura is crispy in texture.

The stewed vegetable consist of stewed potato sunken in salted flavour sauce with enoki mushrooms.

The 2nd bento - Sushi Mori
Very fresh assorted sushi. I reckon that Kuriya serves very fresh raw seafood or fish and very good soba.

Sansai Soba, in chinese is 山菜蕎麦
Never seen such soba so impeccably well presented before. I've gotta give thumbs up for this bowl of sansai soba. The soba is chewy and fragrantly pleasant. Sansai means mountain vegetables, this bowl comes with alot of sansai unlike the ones I had usually give very little. Love it! Oh and it comes with the baby mushrooms also one of my favourite. Kuriya's house speciality actually is their infamous freshly handmade soba.

Lastly, we were serve the dessert of the day - assorted fruits on ice with jellies in the middle.
I find this rather small and disappointing, oh well...I was quite full after sharing with Mr all the food above. The meal was satisfying and the waiters were very attentive, alert and good service after all. Price wise, the food is slightly expensive than the others. I would come back here again for their delicious soba and sashimi!

Lot T2
3rd Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-20939246
Contas Premium
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