The perfect satchel?

Good evening all :)

Hope you've had a fantastic weekend and aren't suffering from those horrid Sunday night blues. I'm off work for the next two weeks (WOOOHOOOOO!!) and seeing as how I can't quite afford an actual holiday I figured I'd start my time off with a little online splurge because I haven't bought myself anything in absolutely ages!

A strange thing happened though, and I dunno if I'm the only person who does this, but I kinda decided to change my whole look based on a few gorgeous items of clothing. Within the space of a few hours and numerous visits to and I've decided to go for a simple, girly look combining loads of different textures but mostly in shades of beige, brown and cream. In my head it's one of those fantastic thrown together looks that still screams elegance and style. Fingers crossed that I manage to pull it off when my purchases arrive :)

Now I know every girl and her sister absolutely loves the "alexa" mulberry bag and who can blame them? Totally exquisite; it manages to be beautiful, elegant, simple and completely understated all at the same time. No mean feat for what is essentially some leather and thread!

But of course there's probably more chance of me bumping into Damian Lewis in Waterstones, only for him to realise I'm actually the girl of his dreams than getting my hands on one. Le sigh. One can only hope. So I was looking for alternatives because it is an essential item in my new look and I came across what is easily the nicest bag I've seen in months... It's a mixture of the boxy shape, rich colour and simple detailing but all in all I totally love it. Wasn't exactly cheap but I've convinced myself it's an investment piece and I've practically saved thousands by not getting an actual Mulberry one. Logic, eh? Gotta love it

Off to bed cos I've an early start tomorrow. Reckon I should stock up on decent books and magazines for my time off so I'm heading to Waterstones (feel free to keep your fingers crossed for my chance meeting with Damian Lewis)
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