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Good evening all, and what a horrid evening it is! Can you believe how miserable it is out? Bloody typical what with this being the first day of my two weeks off :(

Figured I’d mention a few MUA (makeup academy) items that I picked up recently because they’re fantastic quality and cost an incredible £1 each.

Mascara - shade 4 (dark brown colour, traditional brush and doesn’t clump – what more could you ask for?)

Lip sticks – shades 8, 9 and 11 (essentially 3 pretty pink shades with a little shimmer)

Eye shadows – shades 11, 15, 14 and 2 (2 dark browns and 1 dark green that are perfect for smokey eyes or using in the crease of the lid. The lightest colour is a totally gorgeous iridescent white which is the perfect highlight colour and very similar to MACs White Frost)

Blush – shades 1, 2 and 3 (I absolutely love shade 1 and it has replaced my Too Faced Ooh La Rouge in Pink Provocateur as my favourite “go to” blush that never fails)

Lip gloss – shades 2 and 3 (I wasn’t too sure about the colours because they’re so dark in the packaging but they’re not nearly so scary when applied! Although they look like a deep dark red and rich pink they’re actually fairly tame and could definitely be used as subtle every day colours. The texture isn’t too sticky and they leave a high level of shine without that thick slick of gloss that comes with so many products and just looks tacky)

Oh and I also got more Too Faced Shadow insurance, which I couldn’t live without and some Calvin Klein Infinite Matte foundation. Finding the perfect foundation is something I’ve been aiming for for quite a while and I haven’t tried any other CK makeup so reckon this should be worth a try...
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