Mini products and not so mini facial

Don't you just love Saturdays!? I've had the bestest laziest day ever...

Went shopping this morning cos it's my kid brothers 13th birthday tomorrow. He's just started trying to impress girls so wanted new clothes. It's so strange cos only last year I had to bribe him just to brush his teeth and hair and now he actually cares whether or not his shirt matches his shoes. Oh they grow up so fast!

Picked up a few essentials whilst I was in town - some mini produts for my yoga kit and the most seriously superb turquoise blue-ish eye liner by GOSH. I have the purple version which I find fairly easy to apply so I'm hoping this will be the same

Also went for a facial. I'm 24 and it was my first ever facial, can you believe that?! It was fab because I went off on a bit of a rant about my chin and how it wont do a bloody thing it's told (which is mostly to just stop breaking out all the time!!) and Ashleigh, the beauty therapist, gave me loads of tips and free samples. Already looking forward to my next appointment! I figure I should go for a few facials over the next month or so till my face starts behaving itself

Right, I’m off to make a fresh cup of tea because I just let my last one go cold and I need something to wash down all the Milk Tray I intend to eat :)
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