Seriously disappointing Umberto Giannini mask

Know what totally sucks? When you pick up something new, expect it to work wonders and are left seriously disappointed...

My hair could do with a trim but I haven’t got the time to get it done till the weekend so I figured I’d get a nice nourishing conditioner of some sort just to keep it looking and feeling good until I have all the nasty ends chopped off.

Decided to opt for something I haven’t tried before and got Umberto Gianninis Moisture Replenishing Hair Mask. It left my hair all heavy and even though I rinsed well there was still an unpleasant residue. Oh and it doesn’t smell too great either. All in all not one of my finer purchases!

All I wanted was hair like Hilary Swank! Is that really too much to ask!?!

Boots were doing 2 for £7.50 on the range so I also got the Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask. Fingers crossed that this one actually does what it’s s’posed to!

Oh and feel free to recommend a nice conditioner or hair mask. Might save me wasting precious pennies in future :)
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