the long and short of it

This cardigan is all kinds of wrong for this outfit, and by all kinds of wrong, I mean all kinds of WAY TOO LONG. But I wasn't expecting cardigan weather for a while, so I only have two at my apartment right now. I guess I'll just have to look disproportionate for a couple weeks.

OMG DO YOU SEE THAT NUBBY LITTLE BUN. I AM SO PROUD OF MY NUBBY LITTLE BUN BECAUSE IT MEANS I HAVE ENOUGH HAIR TO MAKE A NUBBY LITTLE BUN. It's something one learns to appreciate after having a pixie-mullet for the better part of year.

See, terrible proportions. I kind of look like a tubby penguin here.

...which, of all the things I could look like, I guess isn't actually that bad.

Above, cheap-ass way-too-long cardigan: Forever21. Neck tie thing: lying around. Peter Pan collar blouse: French Toast uniforms. Floral shorts: mother's. Semi-sheer gray tights: DKNY. Chevron knit socks: SockDreams. Flats: Kork-Ease. Ring: Forever21.
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