for saltwater taffy and sushi

In that order.

I feel kind of badass in this, probably because my suspicions were right, and the new denim I purchased from Forever21 qualify as jeggings. I realized this when I tried to put my cellphone in my pocket, only to realize that not only was I wearing fake pants; my fake pants had fake pockets.

But I hafta say, jeggings take skinny jeans to a whole new level of skinny, which is definitely a good thing, silhouette-wise. (In fact, jeggings are more comfortable than regular skinny jeans, so basically they're better than actual pants in every way, unless you like wearing socks without having your circulation cut off.)

(But I like socks.)

I'm pretty sure I'm mid-blink and not artistically closing my eyes in the second picture. But close enough.

Above, jacket: mother's, The Limited. T-shirt: men's Hanes via Target. Jeggings: Forever21. Boots: Steven by Steve Madden.
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