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  • Susie Bubble is pro-choice in her post on idolizing specific bloggers' styles to the point of fashion cliche , far more articulate than my own musings
  • the best Halloween makeup ever, over at Flying Saucer
  • Jason Mraz has a blog!?
  • Allow me to copy the parts of this post at Ice Cube Confidential that I wish I had said: "But to me it seems that America is seen not as a bad guy exactly, but maybe as the rude, lazy cousin who thinks he knows everything that you have to deal with at family reunions." / "Obama, without even being in office yet, has slightly altered the way many view the US for the better." / "This is going to be the best looking White House ever."
Things I Love
  • I went to the dentist on Saturday to get my teeth cast (or whatever it's called) for a nightguard (because I grind my teeth at night). Anyway, when that putty stuff hit the back of my throat, man did I start gagging. But it reminded me of the time I accidentally said "I can control my gag reflex pretty well" referring to when I stuck a toothbrush in the back of my throat because I felt like I wanted to throw up but couldn't, and when I said "I usually spit; I don't swallow" referring to my phlegm.
  • Hats! I cannot get enough of hats. I think I might blame Jason Mraz and his adorable fedora(ble), even if it sort of makes his head look funny-shaped. As a result, I skipped astronomy (which is webcast! I am not a bad student!) on Friday to head over to Forever21's San Francisco flagship and the H&M accessory/kids/babies store in Westfield. Look how trendy I am with my neutrals and sparklies! (Gray scoopneck thermal: Forever21. Black angora-blend beanie: H&M. Gray felt/polyester fedora: Forever21. Rhinestone-studded ring: Forever21.) Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm going to return/exchange the fedora because it makes my head look weirdly-shaped.
  • My uncle sitting in the car winding up a hand-crank flashlight. Too funny. P. S. You should get one.
  • How I tried to jot down notes so I would remember a dream I had, and now they make no sense. "Melinda/Melissa Brother Garfield rap appetite."
  • Manual labor Arts and crafts, because I haven't done any for a while. Actually, I'm helping Nuri fold a thousand paper cranes for his girlfriend's birthday. (Coughcradlerobbercough. Chokeidisapprovesplutter.)
Now... time to plough my way through Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons, which I think is complete crap (but not as crappy as some other modern poetry... (but maybe I'm missing something)).
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