It's almost Thanksgiving, so...

...when I put on this leather belt I felt like I had to try to look as pilgrim-ish as possible.

Above, cardigan: mother's. White t-shirt: mother's, Kohl's. Belt: mother's. Jeans: Forever21. Socks: Hello Kitty, gift. Oxfords: Payless. Bracelet: Gap SCO(RED) necklace, brother's.

Leather belt, cuffed pants, white socks, oxfords, leather/beads/metal jewelry. That's, um, as far as I got.

Above, this is me as a pilgrim trying to be stealthy after stealing from an Indian tribe and failing.

Above, this is me as a pilgrim being shown up by Squanto because What! You can grow stuff in this soil?

Want to see my hair? You know you do! This is fifth day hair.

I think I have dandruff.

Here's how I changed the outfit to be more politically correct and because I was getting a headache:

Above, pink bow: DIY. Bracelet: Sanrio, gift.

The Picasa photo editor's I'm Feeling Lucky option makes me awfully bright sometimes.

But I really was as shiny/swarthy-looking as these pictures suggest. It was sunny on Thursday and I was walking for a while.

Well, in any case, I'm still trying out Picasa to see if it's more convenient to use ony Picasa or to use MS Paint + Picnik. I don't think this is supposed to be a contest of any sort. But I insist on testing it out before committing.

Above, shiny gross forehead, shiny happy hair bow.
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