you're so hot that I melted

Fazed-Girl documents the Jason Mraz concert at Berkeley's Greek Theater on Sunday!

Jessica's blueberries looked like pre-tadpoles to me. Or, you know, tapioca:

Thanks, Crossroads, for providing frozen blueberries with which we fueled ourselves for the Jason Mraz concert.

This is Bowles (not Bowels, Mariah's brother). It reminds me of that story about other houses having golden windows:

Holy BALLS a lot of people:

Guy who reminds me of DPon but thinner:

I liked his clothes.

Opening act, Two Spot Gobi:

The guy in the I (Heart) Music shirt was something to see...

Opening act, Lisa Hannigan, who is adorable:

I don't know what the red mushroom thing is:

None other than the adorable Jason Mraz, with fedora, bedroom voice, and mesmerizing hips (that's for Kim):

Blurry pictures. It's okay. They would not capture his geeky cuteness anyway.

It didn't rain.

Here's what I wore:

Above, Jason Mraz t-shirt: Men's Hanes V-neck + DIY silkscreen. Shorts: cousin's, hand-me-down, Old Navy. Gray wool tights: BP Nordstrom. Shoes: plaid Keds.

I am a little bit in love with Jason Mraz. Who is 31. Where is my Jason Mraz with adorable fedora(ble) and bedroom voice?
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