Overheard in UC Berkeley

Regarding Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons
FEMALE PROFESSOR: A monocle as an injured pair of spectacles, yes!

MARC: (slightly hysterical and very indignant, in the hallway) I'm ventilating!

(Outside our window)
GIRL: Hey (GUY)! Do you want to -
GUY: You broke my fucking heart, you ho!

On Braque
DUDE: He's able to capture houseness more completely.

On Pisarro
CBBMIE45C: You see, where, the road goes down the - road?

On Picasso
PROFESSOR: Or you're like, Hey! They're whores!

CBBMIE45C: It - extends.
GUY: Get outta here. That can't be all you.
DUDE: Yeah.
GUY: That is long.
(About Nicholas Kipsomethingsomething's name)

FILIPPENKO: They miss each other. Physically.
About stars not colliding in space

Transcribed from my anthropology notes exactly as they appear in my legal pad
REVEREND HUBBARD: Blah blah blah tampon blah blah blah Darfur blah blah blah fundamentally blah blah blah represent blah issues blah blah communities blah blah Gwyneth Paltrow blah blah African blah blah citizenship, consumption and race and gender blah claims blah blah reshape blah blah change blah blah (laugh) blah blah humanitarianism and race and the politics of life blah blah stay with me blah blah eat massive amounts of food. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. We're gonna take it easier today blah blah community blah processes of change, inequality, and globalization blah blah classic moment blah blah my friends blah asks the question blah shape, modify, embrace, and take parts of blah remake their own story blah notion blah colonialism, globalization blah fire of identity blah old school blah blah Inuit blah use media and technology blah to reshape blah tell our own story blah global economy blah blah.
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