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So I'm sippin' on my Strawberry C Monster with the window way open because our room always "smells like sleep" in the morning (read: smells like BO because we close the windows at night because it's too cold), and something occurs to me.

This is not to say I consider myself an important blogger in any sense.

This is not to say I think anyone agrees with my style.

My introduction to the world of fashion bloggers was dominated by StyleBytes, I Am Fashion, Blogdorf Goodman, Style Bubble, Kingdom of Style, and Fashion Toast.

I Am Fashion and Blogdorf Goodman aren't on my current daily F5 hitlist anymore, the former because my aesthetics have changed, and the latter because I realized I'm not that interested in beauty, but they are both legit blogs in their own right and are worth checking out.

To be honest, when I first started reading Fashion Toast, I thought Rumi was some really trashy, good-looking, intelligent chick from SoCal who partied a lot. But now you can take out "really trashy" and "a lot" and blame my admiration on trendiness.

It took me a while to learn to appreciate Kingdom of Style and especially Queen Michelle's styling prowess, and to actually read Style Bubble without scrolling straight to the pictures, but now they're on my Untouchable!list.

And I just want to say that Agathe was my hero. She made me want to blog my little heart out, but I didn't think I would ever have the time or dedication to do it nearly as well as she or any of the other OG!bloggers did. (Not that I really do now, since I don't put much effort into my posts.) I panicked for her whenever she spent the last of her paycheck at H&M, I got excited when she was heading out to flea markets, I smiled so much when she got engaged and finally splurged on those Marc Jacobs...

And this is just to say that I kind of miss when it was like that. When I was on the other side of the monitor looking in, when the fashion blogosphere wasn't so saturated (I haven't helped), and when I first heard that people thrifted clothes, when it was all still a little mysterious to me. When none of the bloggers looked the same.

Oh, it was beautiful.
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