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I don't want to write an essay on a William Carlos Williams poem, and that today is the first time I have washed my hair since last Saturday!

I might be gross, but I have achieved what is, in my mind, hipster status with my greasy hair.

Although, to be honest, it wasn't very greasy this morning even after 7 days of letting it sit. My hair is so kind to my efforts to tame it. So cooperative.

In middle school (because that's when my memory of washing my hair starts...), I used to wash my hair every other day because it wouldn't get very greasy between washes but my mom told me to.

In high school, I still washed every other day, but my hair would get disgustingly greasy.

Then in sophomore year, I was doing tech for the fall play and missed an extra hair-washing day, and from then on I only washed every 3-4 days (Sundays and Wednesdays) because my hair took so long to dry I couldn't be bothered even though I looked like a greaseball.

Then I came to college and was disgusting and now I can not wash my hair for a whole week without it looking (too) disgusting. I promise. My 7th day hair now looks like my 2nd day hair used to. It's always darkest before the dawn! It's always greasiest before your scalp starts to love you back! And might I suggest changing your part a lot so the grease builds up in different places?
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