This Is Halloween

On Halloween, I went home to go trick-or-treating with my little cousin. Here's something I thought was kind of cool:

And something I thought was pretty cool:

And something I thought was very cool:

Ice cold, baby.

Here is what I wore to be festive, and believe it or not, all this was sitting around the house:

Above, clip-on Swarovski earrings: $6, garage sale. Ratty fur shrug: mother's from her high school prom. Black and sparkly gold scrunchie: childhood, early 90s. Pink eighties prom dress: Goodwill (Cerritos). Black clutch: YSL freebie with purchase. White gloves: Claire's. Black fishnets: maybe Macy's. Nude pantyhose: grandmother's. Black patent pumps: Payless. (Blue eyeshadow: Elizabeth Arden sample. Hot pink lipstick: NYC. Extremeley cooperative greasy hair: 6 days of not washing.)

My face looks kind of chubby in these pictures. Unfortunately, that's pretty accurate.

Also unfortunately, the scrunchie was not as big as I would have liked it to be because we couldn't find the Christmas ribbons to stick in my hair.

Above, look at that strategically placed beading/!

Above, the sleeves and my hair, which is starting to look squarish in this picture.

I was an 80s prom... goer. Obviously.
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