I think I know why

I feel so emotionally drained today.

I skipped an hour of astronomy lecture to sleep for two hours. No harm done. They're webcast.

I think I have only smiled three times today. Once in anthropology when someone was describing how an Obama supporter climbed on top of the F-train, which was stopped in the street because the mob of people running around chanting variations of "Obama" or "Yes we can" froze up traffic, once in the dorm hallway at a floormate I dislike because I find a perverse satisfaction in being as fake as she is, and once when I walked by the group on Sproul still holding their signs and chanting "Fuck Prop 8."

Yeah, me too.

But I really think it can't go on like this much longer. You can only have your head up your ass for so long before you suffocate.

P. S. I don't care about your caged chickens that I am going to eat anyway.

P. P. S. I guess if I were going to eat gay people, maybe they could legally marry first?
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