Here are some crappy photos from this fall's Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) sustainable fashion show, called Statement. For the sake of fashion and for the sake of the designers, please don't consider this adequate coverage of the event and go look at BARE's blog, which is supposed to have full coverage. I took more photos than I'm posting, but some were blurry or I didn't like the outfits much. Here are my picks:

Here are Liz's and Jocelyn's:

(Above, I sewed the buttons on the skirt. So hard to align!)

(Above, I sewed the clasps for this top while on BART.)

(Above, I did the buttons. And the model is gorgeous in real life. And so sweet. Liz/Jocelyn's floormate.)

(Above, also did the buttons. Also hard to align.)

And the work of more student designers:

Above, okay, this is insane. The bust/bodice part is made out of LEAVES.

Above, I believe this is tape and rubber tires?

Above, candy wrappers.

Above, yes that is bubble wrap.

Above, pailettes! Exciting!

Above and below, plastic bags.

And just so you know, here are three pictures from BARE magazine's blog. Much higher quality:

Above, Liz/Jocelyn's.

Above, this was hottttttttt. I'm pretty sure the skirt is made out of Victoria's Secret bags.

Above, ridicwhacklaborintensive.
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