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For someone who is a teensy bit obsessed with makeup it’s probably hard to believe that I didn’t actually wear any until I was about 18 (even then it was only a quick dusting of powder!) I played around with it in my bedroom but was too much of a tomboy to wear it on a daily basis :)

That was until I discovered liquid foundation – possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread I reckon – and saw the difference it made to my complexion… I was hooked pretty much straight away. One of the first bottles I remember buying was by Almay as it was one of the only brands that sold shades light enough to match my skin!

I’ve kinda drifted away from the whole Almay range since then but figured I’d order myself some goodies online recently. When they arrived I was reminded why I absolutely loved this brand for so long!

So far I love all the products except for the foundation; though to be fair I’ve only worn it twice so will give it time to make a good impression before I review it ♥

Intense-i-color for browns (01)

Pure Blends blush in bouquet (100)

Lip Shine SPF 15 in Latte (06)

Intense-i-color eyeliner in purple amethyst (001)

Nearly Naked Makeup in ivory (120)

Contas Premium
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