variations on a trench coat: one small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a full grown man

Okay, so I'm sweating small animals right now, but this outfit was from weeks ago, when it rained for a week straight and I wore my trench coat for a week straight. That is... variations on a trench coat,

Variation II: Lembas Bread

...I was/am a Lord of the Rings movie geek. Hence the Elven Brooch.

The one where I didn't feel like smiling, but instead pulled a facial expression so wildly unsmiling that I look like I poked myself in the eye.

Trench coat: mother's, FoxRun. Fingerless gloves: Bancroft Clothing Store. Jeans: Forever21. Plaid shoes: Keds. Elven Brooch: Noble Collection, gift.

BY THE BY, Script Frenzy starts tomorrow. I am most anxious.
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