Forgotten foundations (Revlons Photoready)

Revlon Photoready in Vanilla - the lightest shade I own

The lovely Chic Beauty Blogger recently got me thinking about foundations that I love but kinda forget about for long periods of time… A good example is Revlons Photoready. I think this stuff is amazing but for some reason it always ends up being pushed to the back of my drawers and only gets plucked out when I remember how much I like it (fairly infrequently unfortunately!)
I know loads of people have commented that this leaves them looking really sparkly and glittery and I dunno if maybe I’m just a much bigger fan of sparkles and glitter than I realised but I haven’t found that at all! I actually really like the finish it gives and although the coverage isn’t full enough to hide my dark circles and blemishes it’s nothing a little concealer can’t help with :)

I have it in two different shades cos I find that I sometimes prefer a slightly warmer finish and my skin tone changes throughout the months from pale to, er, really pale

Photoready in Shell - slightly warmer shade

Although I wouldn’t rate this quite as highly as Revlons Colorstay, which is one of my all time favourites, I still love using it and find it easy to apply, long-lasting and non-irritating (a few foundations I’ve worn recently have left me with little bumps under my skin – kinda gross really)

Have you tried this and been won over? Or do you prefer Colorstay? ♥

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