Revlon Colorstay concealer

Happy Sunday all! Hope your weekend has been awesome :) I’m working my early shift tomorrow (8-4) so figured I’d lie in the bath for a while and have an early night… But not before I embark on a little rant about this concealer!

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll probably have noticed that I’m a massive fan of quite a few Revlon products so I generally expect pretty good results from their stuff and seeing how I love the Colorstay foundation I figured the concealer was almost guaranteed to be good

Unfortunately I was completely wrong and I’ve found it to be a bit rubbish :( It comes in a twisty dispenser pen so you turn the bottom and the liquid comes out of the tiny holes at the end. The problem is that even if I only twist it once loads of liquid comes out so I end up wasting a lot; I don’t think it’s good value for money

I'm not really a fan of these applicators...

The colour is good and is actually a great match for my skin tone but the coverage is dreadful. When I use this on my under eye circles (which is what it's designed for!) it only lightens them slightly so basically works no better than a medium coverage foundation. As for blemishes – I wouldn’t even consider using this to hide them again cos it doesn’t help disguise the redness and the staying power isn’t particularly great so any blemishes usually end up really noticeable after a few hours

As if that wasn’t bad enough it also ends up looking quite cakey! The areas under my eyes aren’t particularly lined or dry but this seems to seep into the smallest cracks and crevices and makes me look older, which isn’t really what I’m aiming for :)

Overall it’s not the worst concealer I’ve ever bought but I found it really disappointing and I’ll definitely not be picking this up again
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