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I was chatting about foundations with a friend of mine recently (her skin is always glowing, flawless and absolutely beautiful. Lucky sod) and although we agreed on most products our opinions of the Chanel Pro Lumiere differed entirely so I figured I’d give my 2 cents worth… It’d be interesting to know if you’ve had the same experience if you’ve used this too!

Firstly, as with all Chanel foundations, I love the bottle (simple, elegant and has a pump dispenser) and hate the smell (strong, chemical and totally unpleasant)

Secondly the texture is fantastic – when I first applied this to the back of my hand it was so runny I figured the coverage would be very light, as is often the case with more liquid consistencies but nope, the coverage is medium and can even be built up around more, ahem, troublesome areas :)

Thirdly the actual finish of this foundation is lovely and natural. It manages to hide my blemishes, dark circles and other undesirable areas but doesn’t look heavy or cakey at all. That being said it’s most definitely a dewy finish so if my skin is particularly oily I completely avoid this foundation cos it just makes my t-zone look like it’s been slicked with baby oil

Last of all I’ve always found that this lasts really well. I usually try to avoid wearing my makeup for more than about 12-14 hours but I’ve worn this to work and then headed out for a few drinks afterwards and it’s held up beautifully. Also, it doesn’t go patchy throughout the day even if I don’t bother user a primer

As you can probably tell I rather like this foundation and would definitely recommend it :)
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