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I can't help noticing that a lot of beauty bloggers rate Estee Lauders Double Wear as their Holy Grail foundation. When I'm reading posts about the best foundations (which I probably spend waaay too much time doing) there always seems to be more comments about Double Wear than any others…

It got me thinking that I should do a little review on it because it's a foundation I've used on n off for about five and a half years It was actually the first high end foundation I ever bought and I fell in love with it pretty much immediately. I'd called into Boots and the sales assistant at the Estee Lauder counter gave me makeover. I was so impressed that I bought the the foundation, concealer, lip gloss and makeup remover… Unfortunately I could never quite recreate the gorgeously flawless look she managed but I still adore the products! Me wearing Double wear today without concealer, powder or bronzer. Oh and I'm also wearing my new Accessorize eyeshadows which I really really like! :)

The first thing I noticed about Double Wear is that is goes on like paint. And not just any paint but one of those high quality one-coat-covers-everything paints that are totally goof proof. A teensy amount goes a very long way so my one and only complaint about this products is the bottle - it’s a regular glass bottle with a screw top lid which means you have to pour out the required amount of foundation. I can't even tell you how many times I've accidentally poured out too much and I hate wasting anything so find this really annoying!

I'd describe this as full coverage cos I can generally get away with using this over my entire face without bothering with concealer (yay!!) The finish is an almost powdery matte look but not that horrid unnatural "matte mask" that some foundations give. The application is easy but a little word of warning! - This sets quite quickly so if you like to spend a while slowly blending your foundation in different areas then I reckon you'd be best applying this in small sections to ensure it doesn't dry patchily

Talking of dry… When my skin has gone through dry phases in the past I've generally avoided this foundation as the thick texture and matte finish have a tendency to cling to flaky, dry areas. But of course the flip side of that means that if your skin is particularly oily this is totally fantastic for ensuring that you stay shine-free all day

At the minute I have this in 3 different shades (pale almond, ecru and fresco) which is pretty incredible in itself cos I generally find it extremely difficult to find foundations light enough to match my skin tone so the fact that I've been able to use 3 is awesome :)

As you can probably tell I rate this foundation really highly and would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants full long lasting coverage ♥
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