Alexander McQueen (duh)

So Alexander McQueen was like alien-steampunk-insect-sci-fi-movie, which I'm sure you all know. And despite the models looking effing scary and inhuman, oh, the execution. Via

Above, to me this is a kind of District 9, like oh my God I'm halfway into turning into an alien, sort of dress. You know, for special occasions. Great for parties!

Above, I don't know. This dress is whack. The proportions and silhouette are unusual to start with, but throw in that fabric and that print, and we hit UNDERWATER ALIEN status!

Above, because only aliens would wear overly shiny oilcloths as tops in order to signal back to the mothership that everything is going as planned.

Above, insects, right?


Above, holy steampunk scifi awesome, these shoes are amazing!

Above, also amazing. Because it's like your shoes were caught in crossfire while you were running from aliens, in the Arctic, which is why it looks like ice and shrapnel have embedded themselves into your shoes. YES?

Above, her nails. Her nails. Is that even achievable with regular nail polish? They're seriously chrome.

Above, oh, my heart. Also Arctic-alien-insect with the weird symmetrical pattern and cool blues and whites.

Above and below, underwater space aliens! In space!

And finally, the holy mothereffing alien from Aliens shoes:

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