Internet Trawling, 5 Oct 09

A phenomenally random collection of links for you this beautiful Monday morning:
  • Ridiculous, hilarious roller coaster pictures funny enough that I laughed out loud.
  • The Best and Worst of YouTube in Four Minutes, including the Star Wars lightsaber kid, the Charlie Bit Me kids, David goes to the dentist, a lot of people falling, laughing babies, and other YouTube gems uploaded since the website's inception.
  • How Harry Potter is translated in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. Fascinating if you're a fan (or just really nerdy), especially the translation of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes' U-NO-POO poster.
  • MLIA: one, two, three, four, five
  • This reminds me of those optical illusion books I had as a child where you hold the book up to your nose and move it slowly away while crossing one eye. This one's a lot less difficult. Prepare for visual
  • I hope my soul is a classic and not a one-hit wonder.
  • Yellow wears scarves better than you do.
  • I know this is from fuckyeahrupertgrint, but Emma Watson is, of course, gorgeous. Have I mentioned that my roommate's friend's ex-roommate is now Emma Watson's RA? Hell yeah, six degrees of separation. (Or... five?)
  • Three reasons why I loved the sixth Harry Potter movie. One, two, three.
  • From Con-man, "For All The Wars Inside Me"
  • Work It, Berk, Berkeley's street style blog (the only one that I know of) has a new layout
  • I know this is old, but it's so gratifying to see larger images of Emma Watson for Burberry
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