Paris Fashion Week: Useless Coverage

I can trill my uvula, which sounds gross, but uvular trills occur in French. Therefore. Paris Fashion Week. I love how disjointed this post is. Except I don't. [via]

Above, a little Balmain because the shoulders and military details are completely timeless. Which means war is timeless. Go figure.

Above, from Bruno Pieters. Sheer white pants fall somewhere along the line of inconceivably insensible clothing, but I so would.

Above, also from Bruno Pieters. Of course, white is boring for spring, but the angular puff sleeves are really getting to me, and I like the hijab-esque look of the hood/headscarf.

Above, also Bruno Pieters... but in black, which makes it skinnier and more hip, and therefore edgier.

Above, last Bruno Pieters. Seriously, I dig these sleeves. They're architectural in their angles but have an overall puff sleeve feel.

Above, from Christian Dior. Loving the lace overlay on the skirt, with a little extra leg showing through, and loving the sparkly ankle socks. I so want to be wearing this.

Above, also Christian Dior. Hair and makeup win. And the skirt reminds me of a flower... or of fungus, or a giant clam. In any case, very pretty.

Above, also Christian Dior because BLOOMER ALERT. Actually I don't know if these count as bloomers because they don't have that characteristic puffiness of bloomers. What are these, then? Slip-shorts? Anyway, mixing shades of lavender: too pretty.

Above, from Christian Dior. Just because I like pink.

Hi. I think I am stressed.
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