the love who watches over me

I am patting myself on the back for finishing this bottle of obnoxiously scented lotion that Cathy gifted me one Christmas. While I was really tickled that she had bothered to think of me at all, I'm not big on heavily scented lotion, so getting through this was a bit of a nightmare. However. I DID IT!

Now for the Cranberry one.

Also my aunt/uncle/cousin bought me this for my birthday:

Something I would never have bought myself.

And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Harajuku Lovers: Lil' Angel (this punctuation is killing me) is a light fruity floral that isn't too sweet or sugary. It's very young and a little generic, but it sure looks cute sitting among my other bottles. It smells very spring (as opposed to Clinique Happy, which is so summer to me, and Burberry London, which is my winter) to me. Now all I need is a fall perfume, and my seasons will be set.

I'm a sucker for packaging.
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