rain, rain, go away

No, I'm not talking about yellow of rrgoaway, although you should check her out because she goes to school in Seattle, which is much rainier than Berkeley, so she should know much more about rain than I do. But here are my umbrella picks... for those of us who always need a pick-me-up when it's rainy.

Above, Bloom Over Gloom Umbrella, $27.99 from ModCloth. I'm not much of a fan of bubble umbrellas because I think they look strange and Dr. Seuss-y in a weird way (not fun and quirky weird... more like disproportional, misshapen weird), but this is too cheery to say no to.

Above, Big Fish Umbrella, $27.99 from ModCloth. I do love a good clear umbrella (you can race raindrops on them!), and it's so clever to have fish printed on this one, because when it rains it's like we're drowning! Aha! I got you, umbrella.

Above, Blue Butterflies, $26 from UmbrellaStand. This umbrella is really cheesy, almost in a bad way, but I would totally carry it because it reminds me of Blue Van Meer's mother in Special Topics in Calamity Physics because she collected rare butterfly specimens.

Above, Equestrian Horses, $19 from UmbrellaStand. This is definitely cheesy in a FABULOUS way. Bonus points if you carry this while wearing equestrian boots. And looking people in the eye, whispering "Every horse is good for something."
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