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I don't have much to say about John Galliano except that (he is insane and) the detail shots get me. For example...

Above, what?! Brooches all over a trench coat... with handwritten price tags attached to them. It reminds me of buying notions at a fabric store. While I wouldn't wear this out, the idea of multiple brooches is SO INTRIGUING. I may attempt this and execute it poorly. You have been forewarned. (Then again I have no trench coat.)

Above, nothing much, except is that amazing makeup or what? She is seriously glowing. It's like her blush/bronzer migrated to her eye, or her eyeshadow migrated to her inhumanly beautiful cheekbones. Either way, I love the way this looks.

Above, it is probably a sign of poor taste than I find the eye makeup pretty, right?

Above, I don't know what's on the back of her necklace here, but I like it. It makes me think of cellophane. Namely the little cellophane bits on the ends of toothpicks (the ones that you can use to color-code whose toothpick is whose). Also, her hair is crazy because it looks like a bird's nest with a bouquet as well as part of a bird stuck in it.

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