two halloween costume ideas

For the ladies who are tired of seeing sexy cops and sexy fairies and sexy bunnies and who knows what else, but don't want to go the "sexy abortion clinic doctor/black market stem cell dealer" route.

As I mentioned once before, after watching Ingrid Michaelson's video for "The Way I Am," my first thought was that the little girl clown would be a really good Halloween costume (somewhat clever, rather obscure, and something you could walk around your mentors in while retaining your self-respect).

All it should take is a gray Peter Pan collar dress (admittedly, this is the hard part). Alternatively, you could get a gray sleeveless dress and a sleeveless Peter Pan collar blouse to wear under. It's just difficult to find Peter Pan collars at all for adults. The white buttons on the dress could be sewn on later, and the neckpiece could just be scrap ribbon. Add some face paint, a black belt, a red beret, and probably some knee socks or tights with black shoes, and you're set.

The Way I Am

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My other idea was to dress as Wendla Bergman in Spring Awakening. You'll just need a babydoll that doesn't show cleavage and some black or dark gray thigh-high stockings. Black flats would complete the look, and nobody will understand who you are unless they happen to be a fan. What I like about Wendla is that the point isn't to be blatantly sexy; it's to be childishly unaware of your sexuality.


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Other ideas floating around include... Russel in Up, Ellie in Up, Malfoy from A Very Potter Musical, Ron from A Very Potter Musical, Snape (with his hook hand) from A Very Potter Musical, Wikus from District 9 in his work attire, Edward Cullen in all his sparkling glory, a Twilight fan, Coraline (I don't know how the button eyes would work), or someone from Glee.
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