PFW: deux (it's really French this time!)

This post is extra French because I used a French word in the title, and it's about Paris Fashion Week. Plus, this post has a mustache, wears black and white striped shirts, and rides around on a bicycle with a basket containing a baguette. [images via]

Above, from Isabel Marant. I'm actually not fond of the moccasins-with-dresses look at all, but I really like whatever's going on with the neckline of her cardigan.

Above, from Issey Miyake. Love the black/white/gray, love the watercolor look of the top, love the legwear.

Above, also from Issey Miyake. This reminds me of when I was little and used to randomly color pieces of paper in little angular sections, fold it into a paper boat, float the boat, then let it dry for a pretty, faded, inky look.

Above, also Issey Miyake. Feather Necklace Alert! My jealousy knows no bounds.

Above, also Issey Miyake. This royal blue feather necklace is killing me a little bit.

Above, from Lanvin because I love this dress silhouette. It's so 80s, but the neckline and sleeves are just way too classy.

Above, from Limi Feu. This is awkwardly specific, but I really like how the vest is long enough to extend past the waistline of the pants. I'm thinking this is doable.

Above, also from Limi Feu, non-denim pants that I would definitely wear. If for nothing but that little slip of ankle.

Above, from Rochas. Visible ankle socks, sheer black, arbitrary gigantic flower, and visible floral bra-top?! I am so in love, you guys.
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