Halloween Treat by Miu! (http://plusizekitten.blogspot.com/)

It’s that time of the year! Zombies, witches, pumpkins, monsters, black cats and candy, yes, Halloween is coming. Trick or treat… Miu have a sweet treat for her followers of Plusizekitten, and it’s not a trick: Say HELLo to our H20 Beach Giveaway Set...

H20 Beach Giveaway Set worth rm99!
(Body Shower Gel, Lip Gloss, Make up Remover, Moisturizer, Cleanser)

I am getting so excited, as I’m sure all of you participants are!!! Now you have a chance to pamper your skin with H20+ invigorating luxuries for the face and body, overflowing with pure moisture and marine-rich nutrients.

How to Win
Leave a comment with your details (follower id, email) and complete this slogan "I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because .... (in not more than 20 words)".
e.g. Miu tammylci@gmail.com "I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because I am plus size too!"

Terms & Conditions
This contest is strictly for followers of Plusizekitten. To become a follower just sign up under the follower button via gmail or yahoo.
* Only 1 follower per entry.

Contest Period
22/10/09 - 31/10/09 (11:59pm)

* Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
* Judging will be done using a randomizer (Random selector).

Don’t miss the chance! It’s a special contest that you can take now and the H20 Beach Giveaway Set will come in handy for the coming Halloweens… how could anyone refuse that?

A big thanks to Miu!!!

juli1202 said...
I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because it’s full of excitements and make my life more wonderful than ever!

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