Bestest high-end lipsticks

I’m sure you guys are sick of me banging on about all my bargain drugstore goodies so I figured I’d do a post about a few lippies that I’ve splurged on over the last few months

I remember flicking through one of my sisters glossy mags when I was about, ooooh 12 or 13? And I came across a lipstick that cost £16. I thought this was completely hilarious and actually pointed it out to a few friends who all agreed that a £16 lipstick must have some sort of magical powers where it actually gets up, applies itself to your lips and then tidies the house and cooks the dinner too. For that kinda money I’d have expected nothing less

These days it’s a completely different story :) I certainly don’t throw money away on expensive lipsticks that I’ll never use (well, not often anyway) but I’ll happily hand over 20 quid if I think it’s a good ‘un that’ll really suit me

So in no particular order these are a few that I absolutely adore

Lancome color fever - 308
Estee Lauder pure color- lady pink (possibly my favourite lipstick ever)
Dior Addict high shine - 680
Clinique long lasting lipstick - soft bloom
Urban Decay lipstick - wanted

As you can probably tell I stick with fairly “safe” pinky neutral tones and don’t wear anything too dark or OTT thanks to having small thin lips. If I go any darker I look like a scary school teacher. Wearing my glasses instead of contacts just adds to the whole look :)

Do you have an all time favourite lipstick that you use constantly or couldn’t live without? ♥
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