l'hospital's rule: no children under 12 allowed in the ICU

I am mostly posting this because I know the end of January is coming up soon, and it would be absolutely disgraceful and dishonorable, and the Society of Self-Absorbed Twenty-Somethings would revoke my membership, if I had more than one Things I Love post on my front page.

Here are a few outfits, in case you were wondering what a fashion blogger (am I one of those, really?) wears for all-day visits to the hospital, and a pair of earrings I bought for my mom.

Starting with this outfit built around the monstrosity of a t-shirt my brother gifted me, accompanied by 9-year-old Girl From Hong Kong Double Peace Signs:

Above, pink longsleeve: Target. Bunny t-shirt: YesStyle, gift. Gray cardigan: Uniqlo. Floral shorts: DIY. Hot pink tights: DKNY. Lace-up boots: Steven by Steve Madden. I'm surprised the hospital staff didn't card me or something while I was wearing this. DO I EVEN LOOK OLDER THAN TWELVE WHEN I HAVE A BUNNY ON MY SHIRT? DO I?

This is sort of a terrible outfit because it is unbelievably unflattering, not helped by the unbelievably unflattering combination of rahh-monster pose and GODJEERAAA!!! facial expression.

Above, polo shirt: American Eagle, brother's. Black zip-up hoodie: senior class sweatshirt. Plaid coat: delia's, gift. Striped sweater dress: H&M. Black and white striped knee socks: gift. Boots: Steven by Steve Madden.


Here's another terrible outfit that I actually kind of sort of am in love with an indecent amount, despite the combination of polka dots, stripes, and two kinds of plaid, and by "indecent amount," I mean "I propose that I strew the sidewalk with rose petals and singing, large-eyed woodland creatures so that we may copulate in public with the blessing of our Mother Nature."

Above, red plaid coat: delia's, gift. Yellow polka-dotted thing: hand-me-down. Leggings: gift. Striped socks: gift. Plaid shoes: Keds.

And the earrings, which are pretty frickin' stunning in person, if you ask me:

Above, symmetrical earrings from MiaMontgomery on etsy. I say "symmetrical" because a lot of her products are asymmetrical. (They are very, very pretty either way and absolutely worth the spendy price tag. Highly recommend, especially for gifts.)
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