your anti-aging routine?

I turned 25 at the end of last year but I was more worried about spots than wrinkles! Thankfully my skin has started to clear up and I actually look like a 25 year old as opposed to a spotty teenager. Woo! :)

But it’s got me thinking about aging and whether or not I should be using any anti-aging products now. Most of the goodies I use are all about getting the best results immediately and I don’t really think about the future of my skin (although I always wear a moisturiser or foundation with an SPF)

My mum and sister had noticeable crows feet around their eyes and laughter lines around their mouths by the time they were about 30 – my sis is 32 now – and although I seem to be taking after my dad I’m a bit worried that I’ll hit 30 and my face will start to look like a scrunched up paper bag

Do you use any anti-aging lotions or potions at the min? Did you start young or are you gonna wait till you actually see “the first signs of aging?” I was thinking of picking up a night cream or something at least but there’s so many available it’s hard to know where to start! ♥
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