MAC Sheertone blush. Uber letdown

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t have my usual Friday feeling but I’m sure that’s just cos I’m working tomorrow (BOOO!!) but I finish at 4pm so still have the whole evening free (HURRAH!!)

Apologies for being a big old Negative Nelly but when I come across a product that I really don’t like I feel the need to rant a teensy bit :)

I picked up this blush about a month ago and it’s been sitting in my drawer gathering dust… I couldn’t remember why it had been cast aside so figured I’d give it a try during the week

See how it looks incredibly bright and pigmented? Like it’ll give a gloriously pretty pink glow to the cheeks? Unfortunately it does nothing of the sort. I’m sure you’ve noticed that MAC do different blush formulas for different looks (sheertone, satin, sheertone shimmer, frost etc) The shade I have is “Sheertone” so I’d be happy to forgive this being a tad more subtle than most of my blushes but it’s so bloody subtle that there isn’t any colour!
Pink Swoon (sheertone)

Honestly you could apply 10 layers of this and it still wouldn’t be particularly noticeable (I know from experience!) which is a shame because the texture is beautiful; so soft and smooth, one of those extremely finely milled pressed powders that generally apply like a dream

What really gets on my nerves is that I paid £17 which is enough to purchase 17 of my current favourite blushes (MUA shade 1) and they would actually do what you expect from a blush. I’m sure you can probably guess that I wont be recommending this MAC blush to anyone!

Hope you have a totally fantastic weekend! ♥

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